Believing & Belonging

Every church is different...

No two churches are the same - these are some of the things we believe are important.

We believe that being a Christian is about so much more than coming to church. It is a way of living which gives us a different outlook and new priorities.

We believe that Jesus is God’s Son and that when He died and rose again He opened the way for us to be forgiven.

We believe that God’s Holy Spirit is working in our lives today. None of us are perfect but with God’s help we are slowly becoming more like Jesus.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, and that through it God shows us who He is and what He is like. We believe that the Bible reveals God’s never-ending love for the world and His plan to redeem us and set us free.

We believe baptism is vitally important – if you have never witnessed a believer’s baptism then you have missed out, they are quite amazing!! Baptism is a sign that the old way of life has ended and a new life built around following Jesus has begun

We believe that God answers prayer. We can pray to Him about anything, at any time.


We believe that God is Love, and is willing to forgive us for all the wrong things we have said and done. We need to ask for this forgiveness and be ready to turn away from our old ways.


We believe that when we receive forgiveness we can be set free from guilt and given a new start. We believe that nothing is too difficult for God and that anyone can ask for His help.


We believe that faith in God is something that grows over time. As a church our aim is to help each other develop a stronger relationship with God – we know we that we can’t do this alone.


We believe that past decisions, actions or circumstances need not determine what our future will look like. God doesn’t just see who we are now, He also sees who we can become with His help.