Believing & Belonging

Belonging is part of everyday life...

We all need something to belong to....

It might be a family or a sports club, a workplace or a community, but when we feel we don’t belong anywhere life can be really tough.

As a church we want to be a place where everybody can belong.

We believe that God already knows everything about us, so we try to be people who are real with Him and with each other. God loves us as we are, so there’s no need for us to pretend that we’re something that we’re not. We want to be a church where everyone feels able to be themselves.

Jesus said, ‘I have come so that you may have life in all its fullness.’ Life can be messy, even in the best of times, and nobody has got everything sorted. We believe that the best possible life is with Jesus, but we don’t have to be perfect before we can come to Him.

If you come to our church what you will find is a group of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus. We are a group of people who still get things wrong and make mistakes, but we want God to do even more than He has already done in our lives.

Does this sound like a place where you could fit in, where you could belong?


It’s important that we gather together as a whole church to  worship God and encourage each other.

We believe that the Christian life is best lived alongside other people and that everyone has something to contribute to the life of the church.


The Bible says that God gives everyone a unique mix of abilities and that He also gives spiritual gifts to His Church.

We want to be a church where everyone grows in faith and sees God working, even though we might make mistakes along the way.


We believe that there isn’t anyone that God doesn’t love.

As Christians we want to give away what God has given to us, so that more people in our community experience the peace and the hope and the strength that God gives.


We believe that God is making a difference to people’s lives in South Bank, in Teesside and beyond.

We believe our faith must also lead to action, so we are involved in all kinds of social action projects both in our local area and the wider world.