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Courageous Messengers of God's Unconditional Love

A Church is not just a building...

A church is a group of people who love God, put their trust in Jesus and try to live differently.

Some people may think that only those who’ve got their lives sorted can come to church. We believe exactly the opposite. We believe that the church is like a family and that everyone has a place.

At South Bank Baptist Church we try to make sure that everyone who comes through the door receives a warm welcome when they come in, and knows that they are accepted by God when they go out.

On Sundays our service starts at 10.30 am, and usually finishes around 11.45 am. We spend time thinking about a passage in the Bible in order to get practical help to live as a follower of Jesus. We also sing, because we want to tell God we love Him and thank Him for all He’s done. We encourage people to share their stories and experiences of God at work in their lives. As a church we regularly share communion together and there are always people available to pray with after a service.

We also have Junior Church every Sunday for children and young people aged 4-14. This runs at the same time as our main service and offers toast, crafts, Bible based activities and prayer times. We have a newly refurbished crèche where parents can take under 4’s during the service.

South Bank Baptist Church is rooted in the local community. We are determined to bless and serve South Bank and see it transformed by the unconditional love of God.


We all make choices, every day. Some good, some bad, some we forget quickly, some affect the rest of our lives. The biggest choice we will ever make is whether we choose to believe if God is real or not.


God has chosen to believe in us! The Bible tells us that God has done everything in His power to break down the barriers between us and Him. He has chosen to forgive us.


To let God love us is to give Him complete control of our lives. It’s about putting Him first, turning our backs on our old way of life and accepting that God offers us a new start and a clean slate.


Nothing is impossible for God, so if you are reading this and thinking, ‘that sounds too good to be true, God couldn’t possibly do that for me,’ think again. Nobody is beyond His reach, nobody is outside His love.